The Mini-EUSO pathfinder of the EUSO program will be lauched on August 22, 2019 inside the habitable module of the Soyuz MS14 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome (Kazakhstan).



Some details of the various activities and pics  are visible at the energia and roscosmos websites 
The Soyuz rocket carries a Soyuz capsule usually reserved for manned spaceflight (see the escape tower on top) but since this is an upgrade of guidance systems it is unmanned (uncrewed as they say). In the reentry-guidance compartment there is Fedor, a robot whichwill perform some tasks not essential to spaceflight but useful to assess its capabilities. 
Launch date is set at Thursday  2019-08-22 05:38:33 CEST
Docking will be about two days after launch   (Poisk) 24 Agosto 2019 07:31 CEST
live streaming of the launch should be available via NASA TV 
and the roscosmos website - youtube channel
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