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Héctor Prieto, Ph.D Student at University of Alcalá, gave us the details of the first balloon flight campaign with regards to the infrared camera.


The scheduled balloon launch was temporally cancelled due to technical problems with the communication equipment of CNES


Radio communication equipment had problems with the power supply. Balloon launch was cancelled.

Since the IR Camera was ready to fly, Hector and its group started helping others. At the end of the day, the communication problems with Nosyca system and EUSO-BALLOON were solved. The new flight window was scheduled for August 22, 2014.

GoPro Camera would company IR Camera, embebbed into IR Camera Styrofoam in order to be warmed by  the heat dissipation of the IR Camera.

August 24, 2014 started earlier than usual. Everyone was excited because of the launch. At 16:00 UTC the "green light" was received from CNES to proceed with the set-out of the instrument launch. Exceptional weather conditions, 22 degrees Celsius, mostly cloudy and mild. 

New tests were made and the IR Camera box was filled with nitrogen. Everything was set up. The IR Camera was ready to fly, so it was picked up and carried to the launch pad.

The instrument - with the IR Camera attached - was picked up.



Moving the gondola to the Launchpad

The Gondola was carried to the Launchpad

One of the auxiliary balloons started to be inflated, and attached to the gondola.

Both auxiliary balloons were inflated and attached to the gondola.

Main balloon inflation process.

Release of the balloons.

The ceiling was reached successfully.

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