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Héctor Prieto, Ph.D Student at University of Alcalá, gave us the details of the first balloon flight campaign with regards to the infrared camera. He belong to a Spanish Scientific research team in charge of developing the IR Camera for EUSO-BALLOON and JEM-EUSO Space Telescope. This team entails many members from different Spanish institutions.

• University of Alcalá (UAH), Institution responsible for developing the IR Camera.

• Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA).

• Orbital Aerospace Systems.

• Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias.

 Part of the EUSO-BALLOON team working on the integration of the instrument.


August 15, 2014,  the first day of the campaign with regards the IR Camera integration process. A complete review of the whole components (connectivity and physical inspection) of the IR Camera was performed. All the elements were properly connected without any visible physical damage.



 IR Camera components were connected properly except the Battery Power Pack which was for safety reasons in another box with the rest of batteries (EUSO-BALLOON PWP) 


Within the next two days  the functional testing of the IR Camera were performed:

1. Communication with CPU board.

2. Sensors devoted to measure humidity and pressure were checked . 

3. Picture taking.

Finally,  the IR Camera was attached to the gondola, afterwards, the IR box was filled up with nitrogen.



Communication with CPU and sensors


Checking the performance of the picture taking


IR Camera attached to EUSO-BALLOON Gondola


Functional testing performance (exploratory/combination)

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