Cosmic Ray Detection from Earth and Space
Leonard Parker Center for Gravitation Cosmology and Astrophysics
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Dr. Luis del Peral
Space & Astroparticle Group UAH
Nov. 1st, 2013

Organization of the 9th Workshop of the Consolider MULTIDARK (MINECO) 

UAH, Alcalá de Henares, 6-8 November, 2013

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Up to now science has failed to identify what makes up to 85% of the matter of the Universe. Elucidating the nature of dark matter constitutes a key challenge in modern physics. MultiDark is a Spanish Project supported by the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 Programme of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in which experimental and theoretical physicists, astrophysicists and cosmologists join efforts to take up this task from a multidisciplinary perspective.


The XIII International meeting of the JEM-EUSO collaboration  will be held by the Spanish Collaboration from June 17st to 21th, 2013, in Tenerife, Spain.

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Space Plasmas and High Energy Particles in the Heliosphere



Section/Focus Group:
  1. Jorge Perez-Peraza
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  2. Luis del Peral
    Universidad de Alcala de Henares
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  3. Maria Rodriguez-Frias
    Universidad de Alcala de Henares
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The study of Space Plasmas covers a wide range of Heliospheric and Galactic environments. Plasmas generate a wide range of radiations: radio waves, X-rays, gamma-rays, etc., as well as High Energy Particles: additionally to Galactic Cosmic Rays, the Heliosphere is populated by energetic particles generated at the Sun in a wide range of energy, mass and charge, particles accelerated in the interplanetary medium by shock waves, ion pickup or in corrotating regions, particles generated in planetary magnetospheres, anomalous cosmic rays and interstellar pickup ions. The scope of this Session pursues cover all theoretical, phenomenological, simulations and technological related to Space Plasmas and Energetic Particles.



Actividades conjuntas entre el grupo SPAS de la UAH y la UNAM de Mexico en el Campo de los Plasmas Espaciales.

Impartida por el Prof. J. A. Pérez Peraza

El próximo 7 de mayo de 2012 a las 12:00 h en el Rectorado de la Universidad de Alcalá




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