The SPace and AStroparticle Group SPAS is involved in two projects of Astroparticle Physics with a common goal: the study of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays reaching the Earth with energies higher than 1017eV from the Earth surface with the Pierre Auger project and from the space with the EUSO program.

High Energy Astrophysics includes among other topics the study of particles, orginated in the cosmos long time ago, reaching the Earth.

Ponencial Invitada de Dr. M. D. Rodríguez Frías en el congreso COEFIS XI 16 de marzo de 2018



The 22nd International JEM-EUSO meeting in RIKEN Wako Japan on Deeember 7-8, 2017

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The JEM-EUSO Torino meeting in Torino Italy on October 16-20, 2017

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The dissertation was held in the Universidad de Alcalá in Madrid, the 29th of June, 2017, at 11:00 am.



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