Primera edición del SPAS-XMAS Workshop que tendrá lugar en el Seminario del departamento.
Enlace a la web del meeting:
Miércoles 11 de diciembre 
10:00 h "Evaluation of the performances of the Flight Model of the IR Camera onboard the EUSO-BALLOON of the French Space Agency (CNES)."
        Closed session (Agenda distributed by email) with the ORBITAL Aerospace Company. 
Coffee & Tea Break
Chairman: Germán Ros (SPAS, UAH).
12:00 h "Status of the Japanese Super-Kamiokande neutrino experiment; the participation of the University Autonoma Madrid". 
        Luis Labarga  (Dpto. Fisica Teórica, UAM)
12:30 h "Status of the Japanese JEM-EUSO Space Mission: Ultra-high & Extremely High Energy Cosmic Rays from Space".
        Luis del Peral (SPAS, UAH).
13:00 h "The Infrared Camera @ MINI-EUSO (ROSCOSMOS) onboard the Russian Segment of the ISS". 
        Jose Alberto Morales de los Ríos (SPAS, UAH). 
13:30 h "Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays production mechanisms and sources: An Overview (II)".
        F. Fenu (UAH & University of Tuebingen,Germany).
14:00 h "Status of the energy reconstruction in cloudy conditions of Extensive Air Showers (EAS) produced by Ultra-High & Extremely High Energy Cosmic Rays". 
        Guadalupe Sáez-Cano (SPAS, UAH).
Jueves 12 de diciembre 
Chairman: Alvaro García Castano (SPAS, UAH)
15:30 h "Calification of uFORS-1 to be implemented in the Deimos-2" Space Mission". 
        A. Ramirez & J. Marín-Yaseli (DEIMOS AeroSpace) 
16:00 h "The Infrared Camera @ JEM-EUSO Space Mission".
        Santiago Pérez Cano (SPAS, UAH). 
16:30 h "The Infrared Camera @ EUSO-BALLOON (CNES)".
        Jose Alberto Morales de los Ríos (SPAS,UAH).
17:00 h "Radiation Hardness Assurance for the JEM-EUSO Space Mission"". 
        Hector Prieto (SPAS, UAH).
17:30 h "Status of the research carried out by L. del Peral & J. H-Carretero during the 2013 short term stay @ USA".
        Jesús Hernández Carretero (SPAS, UAH).
18:00 h "Report on the XIV JEM-EUSO International Meeting @ RIKEN, Tokyo."
        M. D. Rodriguez Frias (SPAS, UAH).
Local Organizing Committee: 
Guadalupe Sáez Cano (Chair), L. del Peral & M. D. Rodriguez Frias 


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