The SPace and AStroparticle Group SPAS is involved in two projects of Astroparticle Physics with a common goal: the study of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays reaching the Earth with energies higher than 1017eV from the Earth surface with the Pierre Auger project and from the space with the EUSO program.

High Energy Astrophysics includes among other topics the study of particles, orginated in the cosmos long time ago, reaching the Earth.

The 20th International JEM-EUSO meeting in Wako, Japan on December 12-16th, 2016 at the RIKEN institute


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The dissertation was held in the Faculty of Physics in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the 11th of November, 2016, at 11:00 am in the Sala de Grados.



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The 18th International JEM-EUSO meeting in Stockholm on December 7-11th, 2015 at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH


Photo by Oscar Larson

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Post calibration of the Infrared camera after the flight on the NASA balloon launched by the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility of NASA in New Mexico, USA has been performed at INTA.

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